A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

I made this game in < 12 hours for the Godot Community GameJam - Dec 2016/Jan 2017

It's a very simplistic cave flyer. Collect Green Nuggets and avoid Red Nasties. They will try to steal nuggets from you and will restart the game if you don't have anything to steal.

The theme was two buttons, and this game uses the left and right arrow keys... Hehe, I know it's not much of a game, but maybe interesting for coders. Sources are included and theres a Simplex noise generator and a Delaunay triangulator.

UPDATE: After the jam I fixed lots of bugs, optimized performance, added a menu and polished everything a bit.

More information

Published 292 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tagscave-flyer, godot, Procedural Generation

Install instructions

Download zip, extract and run. No installing required.


NuggetCave_sources.zip 29 kB
NuggetGames_afterjam.zip 14 MB